Elite Sterzo is cool, overpriced, and really ought to have straps…

I really like that platforms like Zwift are adding features like steering which make the experience more interactive. So the Sterzo block from Elite is great, but that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Besides the $69 price (ouch), this really ought to have straps to ensure that the wheel stays in the block.

When I sprint, it’s pretty common for the wheel to twist, come up, and slightly out of my current block. It’s not a huge problem because the sides of the block are high enough, and it’s not going anywhere. But, with the Sterzo since the block want’s to return to center it could easily create a problem.

The Elite Sterzo seems to have nailed what it set out to do: Make a simple front riser block that serves double-duty as a better steering plate than what most folks could whip up at home. In some ways, I think the unit may actually be slightly ahead of its time. I suspect some will (probably rightly so) look at this as a $69USD accessory that seems a bit expensive in early 2020 (though, at 39EUR/34GBP it’s well priced). However, I have a feeling that by later in the year if Zwift or other apps end up enabling more steering/veering/control scenarios, then having plates like these will seem more normal.


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