Garmin fēnix 6 – Firmware 15.20

DCR indirectly mentioned that the 15.20 update for the fēnix 6 family included a bunch of new undisclosed features in his walk-through of the Garmin Enduro yesterday. Rollout is in a phased approach currently, but if you want to force it and Express isn’t doing it for you. You can download the “RC“, which should be exactly the same as what you’ll eventually get. I’ve been running it for about a week without issues.

Change Log

Added support for a new activity profile, “Ultra Run”, which allows for tracking rest periods during a running activity.
Added support for ClimbPro enhancements, which allows one to view descents and filter out flat sections during the course or route.
Added support for Applied Ballistics Multi-Link to allow for communication with an Applied Ballistics phone app.
Improved the accuracy and reliability of altitude data.
Made improvements for Explore Navigation Sync.
Made improvements for post activity sensor software updates.
Fixed an issue with bluetooth headset connectivity during activity.
Fixed an issue where incorrect stroke data was being reported for certain indoor activities after connecting to an indoor trainer.
Fixed an issue where the device may appear to be frozen while downloading messages from an inReach mini.
Fixed an issue where the device was not recovering as expected after being off-course during navigation.
Fixed an issue where the heart rate graph may intermittently display a flat line during an activity.
Fixed an issue where course elevation profile was lost when selecting to do course in reverse.
Fixed an issue where saving current location may use nearest road as saved position.
Fixed an issue where hotkeys stop working after accessing music volume page.
Fixed an issue allowing more Applied Ballistics profiles to be created after the maximum number of profiles have been created. (Only applies to tactix Delta – Solar Edition with Ballistics)
Fixed an issue with Intensity Factor not showing correct data.
Fixed an issue where Music widget glance may show invalid time remaining.
Fixed an issue where device may freeze on Garmin Pay screen.
Fixed an issue where sleep times may not match times reported in Garmin Connect.
Fixed an issue where average speed during a Surf activity may be higher than the max speed intermittently.


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