I want whatever SRM is smoking

Not really, it wouldn’t be good for my asthma. But, whatever they are hitting, it must be choice, because $1199 for dual-sided power might have been a reasonable price back when they started working on these pedals, but with everyone slashing prices the last few months. It’s not any more.

Some of course would argue that SRM is “first to market” with the X-Power, and that is true if we narrowly define “market” as only containing SPD compatible power meter pedals. I would remind these folk, SRM included, that the market here is actually for power meters, and the price here taking a nose dive. You can actually get two 4iiii dual-sided 105 cranks (yeah, crank included) for the same price. So unless you love SRM, absolutely require the flexibility to move the PM between bikes, and are comfortable plopping $1199 in a consumable item, I just don’t get it…

Cheap power meter pedals, on the other hand, I do get…

Since our product announcement at the Eurobike 2019, we have received a lot of positive feedback on the SRM X-Power SPD cleat compatible Pedal PowerMeter. We have been testing and refining our design during the last year and are now slowly gearing up production.

X-Power is a dual-sided PowerMeter pedal for MTB/Gravel/Cyclocross riders using a Shimano-compatible SPD cleat system. With so many people wanting to train and improve their riding and performance on MTB, Gravel or Cyclocross bikes, X-Power is the easy solution that will fit every bike.

X-Power introduces a number of new technologies, including :

  • Rugged design with electronics protected inside the spindle
  • Easy to use with all-new sensors and apps enabling simple installation and use
  • SPD-compatible cleats and tough construction enables so many uses – in the mountains, dirt or just if you want your familiar PowerMeter when traveling


  • Accuracy ±2%
  • DUAL or BUNDLE (incl. SRM PC8)
  • Left / Right Balance
  • Compatible with Head-Units using ANT+™ and Bluetooth®
  • Zwift™ compatible
  • iOS & Android™ App
  • Rechargeable via magnetic charger
  • Up to 30h runtime
  • Triple bearings for perfect load distribution and durability
  • High quality sealing for protection against mud and water
  • Made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy
  • Weight 172 g per pedal
  • Pedal Stack heigt of 10.5 mm
  • Q-Factor 54 mm
  • Firmware Updates via Bluetooth
  • 3 years warranty





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