Diet and Asthma

I have exercise induced asthma, which I primarily manage by taking medication and carrying an emergency inhaler whenever I expect to do strenuous exercise. I have seen reports that diet plays a role in the treatment of asthma before, so this meta-analysis isn’t really new news, but it is interesting to me considering some recent lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, I’m not really equipped to validate the conclusions that the authors drew in their article, so I am really curious if any readers who do have expertise in this area would be willing to share their thoughts. Hit me up in the comments or via email. Cheers

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition characterized by airway inflammation and hyperreactivity. Prevalence has continued to rise in recent decades as Western dietary patterns have become more pervasive. Evidence suggests that diets emphasizing the consumption of plant-based foods might protect against asthma development and improve asthma symptoms through their effects on systemic inflammation, oxidation, and microbial composition. Additionally, increased fruit and vegetable intake, reduced animal product consumption, and weight management might mediate cytokine release, free radical damage, and immune responses involved in the development and course of asthma. The specific aim of this review paper is to examine the current literature on the associations between dietary factors and asthma risk and control in children and adults. Clinical trials examining the mechanism(s) by which dietary factors influence asthma outcomes are necessary to identify the potential use of nutritional therapy in the prevention and management of asthma.

Oxford Academic


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