Great idea, but I wonder about the application

I didn’t find the marketing video on the page linked below to be very helpful, but it looks like this lock makes it possible to stow the thing on the bike without actually locking it. This makes it possible to save some time when parking because you don’t need a key to secure the bike with the Bordo. It’s super convenient, but as someone who has, at least once, biked somewhere only to discover that I left my key at home. I worry that instead of discovering this before locking the bike, I’d learn about it after; which is decidedly less convenient. Not an insurmountable obstacle obviously, but something to add to the pre-ride checklist. Probably twice.

ABUS has now expanded the award-winning line with the Bordo Big 5700. The 5700 Big is 100cm in length and features the Convenient Transport Mode (CTM)™, not found on any other folding lock. This feature is the ultimate in convenience, holding the lock closed during transport without locking it. This lets you use the key only half the time This lock is high-security and good value, perfect for a rider on the go.


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