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By my recollection, it’s about 18 months late, but iQ² has actually delivered a mass-produced power meter pedal. To one person, and wait-for-it, a second one later this week! IKR! Exciting news! Kidding aside, this is actually good tepid news. On one hand it’s great that they have the confidence to send a “final” sample out to reviewers, but on the other, if this really is final hardware, why isn’t everyone who backed the innovative power meter shim pedal, and opted for the road version getting it at the same time? Not exactly confidence inspiring…

Woud Vleugel and Keesjan Klant proud to hold the first mass-produced item. 

Besides many of you asking for this opportunity to have the power meter reviewed by a few experts, we’d also like to add that this step brings the most benefit to the community. It would be really nice and a big ‘thank you’ to send our first power meter to an early bird backer, however in this way all of you can get an honest review by an independent party.

IQ² Indiegogo

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IQ Backer - I'm a sad loser
IQ Backer - I'm a sad loser
2 years ago

Woud Vleugel – CUNT
Keesjan Klant – CUNT

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