Garmin Releases 9.10 Firmware for Edge 520/530/820/830/1030/1030+

If you were lucky enough to grab the BETA binaries when they posted yesterday, you could be running 9.10 already. Otherwise, you’re stuck waiting for Garmin’s metered rollout of the 9.10 firmware update for the EDGE 530/830/1030/1030+*.

I’ve been running the 9.00 BETA for as long as it’s been out, and 8.63 before that, both without issue. Actually better than “without issue” because the constant sensor drops I was seeing pre-8.63 haven’t been nearly as bad; only noticed one drop during Saturday’s ride.

Few notables, including support for 12-spd Di2 which I’ve highlighted below. Although, I do have to say that I’m not a fan of the “Improved shifting sensor battery data fields” item. Just show me the % Garmin, I don’t need anything fancy here…

* 6.10 on the 1030+, but the gist is the same.

Changes made from 8.20 to 9.10:

  • Fixed device-to-device transfers
  • Fixed Back to Start issue when selecting Most Direct Route
  • Fixed issue where LiveTrack could not be started
  • Added new tone for radar that that plays when your radar transitions to the green threat level. Go to the radar settings in the sensors menu to enable this feature.
  • Added support for 12 speed Shimano Di2 group sets
  • Improved shifting sensor battery data fields
  • Improved bike light network connection stability
  • Improved course point display and added new types
  • Improved Course “Always Show” functionality
  • Improved Physio True-up data recording
  • Improved indoor trainer control
  • Improved sensor search flow
  • Added a routing avoidance setting for interstate highways that allow bicycles. Previously, a user could not create a cycling route on interstates, even if the interstate allowed cycling.
  • Fixed issue causing unnecessary sensor software update prompts
  • Fixed power calibration prompt when waking from sleep mode
  • Fixed history line color
  • Fixed issue with left/right power balance recording
  • Fixed issue with GPS not turning off in indoor mode
  • Fixed the power graph during workout steps with no power target
  • Fixed issue where on-device Training Plan would not allow riding one-step workouts
  • Fixed issues with CIQ data field alerts and widget pages
  • Improved general device stability

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Blue Zurich
Blue Zurich
2 years ago

Will this read keep Josh awake at night? (I really want to know if they’ll make SL’s)

Neil Ridley
Neil Ridley
2 years ago

Do you have a copy of 9.10 for edge 530 ? Having a few issues with 9.30 and want to rollback

Neil Ridley
Neil Ridley
Reply to  Andrew Van Til
2 years ago

I started getting issues with pedal dynamics and balance using an infocrank , thanks for file link

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