Well, that’s promising!

I guess, perhaps, I was too harsh in my last post about iQ², because it looks like they are actually ramping up  production of both their single, and double, sided power meter pedals. Currently they are making “hundreds” with plans to hit “thousands” a week “soon after”. That’s great news.

Still think it’s odd that they only supplied a single-sided sample to DCR…

As you know, we’re currently scaling up production so we can deliver to all of you throughout May and June. We’re currently producing the first dual sets as well as singles and will deliver small amounts of pedals over the coming weeks. From week 22 onwards, our production capacity will increase to hundreds a week, to make the step to thousands a week soon after.


For those of you waiting for MTB pedals; we expect to start delivering these at the end of June. Right now, we expect the timing for singles and duals to be the same. 

Many of you asked about the product value showing in your account and how this will affect import taxes (when applicable). Your shipped product will show the amount you pledged rather than the current value.

The multiple pledges issue hasn’t been fixed over the weekend. Please reach out to customer support if the right amount of pledges is not showing next weekend.


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