Garmin Releases 6.00 Firmware for Edge 530 / 830 Computers

I’ve been running the 5.68 beta on my Edge 530 for about a week, and it’s been really solid. As usual, Garmin is doing a staggered rollout, but anyone who wants to rush in (guilty) can try encouraging it via Garmin Express or download (530 | 830) and make things happen the old fashioned way…

I was really hoping that Live Track 2.0 would be in this release, but alas, it’s a no go.

Changes made from version 5.50 to 6.00:

  • Segments
    -Fixed issue with detecting segments that were going in the opposite direction of travel
    -Improved segment and ClimbPro UI cooperation
    -Fixed issues when approaching a segment embedded in a course and other minor segment UI issues
    -Fixed issue where segment virtual partners would claim to be finished almost immediately after starting the segment
  • ClimbPro
    -Improved estimated time to end of a ClimbPro climb
    -Fixed ClimbPro page graph drawing
    -Fixed issue where disabling “Pop-up on Climb Approach” would disable ClimbPro completely
  • Improved iPhone pairing
  • Improved sensor connectivity
  • Improved automatic FTP detection
  • Added Go Back, Pause, and Go Forward workout step controls to the workout timer menu
  • Added option to delete a data field in quick edit mode. Access by pressing and holding a data field on a timer page.
  • Improved grit and flow consistency between Garmin products
  • Improved bike light connection stability
  • Fixed bike alarm not turning off after correct password was entered
  • Fixed radar vehicle drawing temporarily not updating
  • Added a shortcut to the display menu by pressing and holding the Auto Brightness button on the status widget
  • Added a toggle for MTB map theme
  • Improved MTB trail search UI
  • Fixed issue where history line wasn’t updated while panning in the map
  • Fixed issue with the number of power zones displayed post ride
  • Fixed dual sided power meter calibration factor reporting only one side
  • Fixed Firstbeat metrics for multiple rides during the same power cycle
  • Fixed Training Effect UI layout
  • Removed unnecessary beeps for notifications that don’t need them
  • Fixed timezone map downloads from WiFi
  • Fixed issue with power targets in TCX workouts
  • Made various device stability improvements

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