Acceptance Is An Important Step On The Path To Healing, Garmin

I think we should celebrate Garmin’s emotional maturity. After years of complaints around sensor dropout with the 530/830/1030 Edge devices, they’ve take a massive step towards healing. Kudos :P.

If you think that’s a long way of saying, there’s a new BETA firmware available for those devices that [may] fix sensor dropout issues, you’d be right.

We have new betas available for the xx30 Series Edges. These betas will be delivered as downloads that must be installed manually, as opposed to the Public Beta Program method.

Links to the downloads area available below. Within these downloads will be two folders, one containing the beta file and another that can be used to backdate software to the most recent production release. There is also a text file with instructions to both update and backdate should you choose to.

Change Log:

  • A fix to address sensor dropout issues experienced by some customers


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Sir Ridealot
Sir Ridealot
10 months ago

Hallelujah! Hopefully this fixes my 530. I’m having constant dropouts with my Wahoo Tickr (it comes back up pretty quickly but still annoying), the Varia 515, and the Garmin Rally XC200 pedals which is ridiculous considering how much they cost.

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