Whoops, epix fail

In my fēnix 7 learning frenzy, I totally missed that Garmin also launched a new epix. The cheat sheet is that it’s a more expensive fēnix 7 with a fancy AMOLED screen. Of course that screen costs battery, both because it’s beautiful, and beauty is never free, but also because there’s no option for solar. My take after looking at several reviews is that if you can stomach the upcharge, get the epix unless you ABSOLUTELY need the extra battery life. Like the fēnix 7, I don’t see anything that compels me to update my fēnix 6 pro, but if I were shopping for a new watch, and I had the budget for a $1,000 fitness watch, this would definitely on the short list.

Naturally, the best review/overview is from DCR, so I’ve linked that below. Enjoy.

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