No. The answer is no. That £114 chain lube is not “worth it”.

I mentioned absoluteBlack’s GRAPHENlube massive claims when it was announced a while back, and has gotten around to testing it. The TLDR, err… W, is yes, it is a bit more efficient. Not a lot, but, some. Is it a number that you would feel on the bike? Ah… No, I don’t think so.

Unless you’re well, well, well, into The Princess And The Pea territory with marginal gains, there is absolutelyNOREASON to spend £114, or $145.95, on some lube. For your chain. For your bike chain.

There are some interesting findings in the video though, and despite my general distaste for’s editorial content, from a journalistic perspective this video is worth a watch. If nothing else, it reinforces that you must strip the stock lube from the chain before riding, because that is a difference you would feel.

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