Garmin Released 15.68 BETA for fēnix 7, Epix, MARQ 2

Wooho! It’s a big one including support for naps (IKR), images in notifications (personal fav), body battery improvements, voice prompts for courses, and a whole slew of other improvements and fixes listed below. The update is of the “Check for Updates” variety, so super easy to grab and install on your watch.

Change log for version 15.68 (changes since v14.68, currently Live):

Added the ability to track naps, including a new Nap widget and an updated Sleep widget.
Additions and enhancements to the Body Battery feature.
Added audio prompts for course points.
Added the ability to display images within smart notifications (Android only).
Added phone lost detection during an activity. Enabled in system alert settings.
Added large font mode which can be accessed in System > Display menu.
Added workout audio notes support.
Added Inline Skating activity.
Added a Moon Phase widget.
Added tracking of splits for Ski.
Added NAVIC GPS support.
Added a confirmation popup when saving an activity via touch.
Added ability to enable Red Shift when Do Not Disturb is enabled.
Expanded Red Shift functionality to include Orange and Green colors as well (AMOLED models only.)
Fixed GroupTrack icon not drawing correctly.
Fixed issue causing dog symbols to not show up on the map.
Fixed issue causing lap cadence spikes in swim.
Fixed issue causing position fluctuation when navigating between waypoints.
Fixed issue that could cause a blank heart rate graph in post activity summary for the Gaming activity.
Fixed issue where backlight could be turned on via the back button on the map even though settings disable it.
Fixed issue where device would restart when receiving many back-to-back smart notifications.
Fixed issue where Spotify and Amazon wouldn’t launch to currently playing song.
Fixed issue with trip countdown discrepancy in Jet Lag adviser when compared to Garmin Connect.
Fixed LTHR HR/LTHR Pace/FTP not syncing to Garmin Connect correctly.
Fixed potential issue where golf maps would draw incorrectly.
Fixed potential issue with CIQ data fields not saving after being added to an activity data page.
Fixed potential issue with GPS elevation.
Fixed potential shutdown in morning report with a race event.
Fixed potential shutdown when following a cycling course for a primary race.
Fixed potential UI issues on the golf map.
Fixed recovery time tip being cutoff in certain languages.
Fixed the pool length setting possibly missing from activity settings menu.
Improved audio tone sound.
Improved flashlight page in red shift mode.
Improved gestures to always be sent to CIQ WFes, regardless of backlight setting. (Non-AMOLED models.)
Improved keyboard to open to the touch layout if opened via touch.
Improved race calendar to show races without an assigned priority.
Removed the limitation on the number of points allowed in a course.
Updates and improvements to the Time Zone app and widget glance.
Various bug fixes and improvements.


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