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Giant S-X2 Disc Wheelset

Reviews and good numbers are hard to find on many stock wheels, with good reason. This is an attempt to fix that with respect to the Giant S-X2 disc wheelset that comes with many Giant Revolt bicycles.

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Mike Moreland
Mike Moreland
6 months ago

Thanks. I was hoping to get info on weight. I’m planning to upgrade to DT Swiss GR1600. I agree they roll well and I plan to keep them. I’ll probably keep slicks on these wheels (commuting and training rides) and knobbier tires on the new set for gravel Fondo events. Another thing I noticed right away is that I don’t think Giant’s wheel building is great with respect to the spoke tensioning. My wheels were slightly out of true before I even rode the bike.

Christopher Tirao
Christopher Tirao
1 month ago

I currently have a giant toughroad 2020 TOUGHROAD SLR GX 1 and it has the s-x2 wheel set. Do you know if it’s possible to upgrade the casette on the wheel set to an 11 speed cassette? i been looking everywhere and can’t find the answer.

Paul Klasnic
Paul Klasnic
1 month ago

Hi. I’m thinking of buying a secondhand Giant SX2 Wheelset for my GT Hybrid. Can you use a 9 speed cassette with it? Thanks.

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