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Farsports (Wheelsfar) Feder FSD45CM-28T-SUD Wheelset

It’s hard to make the argument that a ~$1,000 wheel set presents good value for money, but that’s exactly what I consider the Farsports Feder FSD45CM-28T-SUD with DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs to be. Not because they are cheap, but because they are the things that a well made, high-quality set of wheels should be at roughly half the prices of a comparable set from a “premium” manufacture like Reynold, ENVE, Bontrager,…

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No Spoke Holes, No Problem

One of the concerns that I and, I imagine, many others have around buying a set of Far Sports tubeless rims without spoke holes is the potential for massive hassle when it’s necessary to replace a nipple. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I got the chance to experience this process first hand today. I have no idea what happened to the spoke/nipple above, I didn’t even notice it myself until a sharper-eyed friend…

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