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Farsports Gravel FS30-30G 700C DT Swiss 240 EXP Wheelset

It’s been quite the adventure with these Farsports gravel wheels, but despite the “learning moments”, it’s safe to say that I have a new favorite gravel wheelset.

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142ish lb flatlander
142ish lb flatlander
3 years ago

I enjoy mine also (I got hooked version). Price difference right now vs 350s is $206 with 18T hub on 350s vs 36T on these 240s. Right now 36T 350s seem sold out (they also have 54T), when I ordered the wheels in December I think the difference with 36T 350s was around $170. Since you’ve ridden both you probably have a better idea how much downside 20 degree engagement angle is vs 10 degree on gravel.

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