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Specialized S-Works Power Cranks Broken

It’s never great when something breaks, but when that thing is an expensive power meter, it really sucks…

In this case, it’s the right side power meter – which while everything looks good in the Specialized Power Cranks app, just isn’t reporting any power. My “solution” so far has to been to remove the battery from the right crank, and just run one-sided, so at least the left-side doubles the power and I get something closer to actual to pace off, and Garmin doesn’t tell me I suck :).

Making it worse, I opened a support request with Specialized about two weeks ago, and still haven’t heard anything back. Not awesome.

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Ernesto Diaz
3 years ago

Hi, Did you really solve the issue with the right power meter? I got a kind of similar situation, I do not know what happened but the chain throw away my right power meter. I was stopped and when I was putting in the position the chain an move the crank with my hand was the issue, I heard something felt down and I see the power meter on the ground. When I reviewed my bike I was able to see the wire there and I decided to stop riding, I was kind of worried that I can cut the… Read more »

2 years ago

Hi the same thing just happened to but on the left arm.
Funny thing your video is the only thing you find and on Specialized website it says nothing

2 years ago

Hi, Same thing for me. First I can’t do a zero offset on the right arm, but the left one seems to be ok. I tried a Factory reset. But just after, impossible to connect the left arm. It seems like there is no firmware inside… The 4iii app, tell me to do a firmware update on the left arm… but I can’t. In the Speciliazed App, the two sides are detected, but the App crashes everytime just after intial detection. So I can’t do anything. If I connect only the right arm, The app see it, I can do… Read more »

Reply to  PACCHIANA Benoit
2 years ago

I have the identical problem. My firmware on my left crank read -1.-1.-1. The 4iii app sees both and tells me I need to update the firmware but it wont let me. The specialized app just spins when I tried to add both cranks. I am able to add the right side alone, but not the left. The specialized support line hasn’t answered the phone in more than a week. You get routed to answering machine.

I honestly think the left crank is in some sort of bricked firmware state.

Reply to  PACCHIANA Benoit
1 year ago

I had similar issue… reached out to 4iii and got this reply… it worked for me… hope it’s helpful if you still have the issue (if copy and paste doesn’t work the short answer is delicately pry battery contact 2mm out and then put battery in backwards for a few seconds to reset any charge) Hello,   Thanks for reaching out. Please try the following with both powermeters (left and right):   If applicable, update your cycling computer to the latest firmware.   Connect the powermeter(s) to the 4iiii app (iOS – 2.5.0; Android – 2.6.0) and ensure you have… Read more »

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