Zwift Pauses Their Ride

So remember how Zwift was working on their own hardware? Well, that’s not happening anymore. They’ve announced layoffs and a pause to the IRL Tron bike project. Bummer…

Apparently the same slowdown that hit Wahoo is also impacting them. Probably bit of world returning to outside riding and general economic uncertainty.

Zwift is calling this a “pause” rather than a halt, meaning however unlikely it seems, Zwift hasn’t ruled out one day returning to the hardware market. Everyday Zwifters needn’t fear, however. Snook pointed out that Zwift’s subscription numbers are still growing and the pause in hardware development means an increased focus on the core Zwift software experience. Snook renewed Zwift’s commitment to releasing new product features more frequently and concluded, “We believe that the changes we make now are going to best ensure we can continue to support that growth while protecting the healthy financial position of the company.

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